How to Sell a dilemma: Bequest of Propaganda

These days the phenomenon of ‘being the person you are’ is so common to see. Every campaign, pieces of art, political moves are shouting the words ‘be yourself’ to our face. I have to say it’s really encouraging for the people seeking the answers they haven’t gotten yet. But the real fallacy of the situation is that no one has the answer we need the most. Pieces of art try to sell us their philosophy to us just like politicians sell their beliefs. The naked structure of this trend easily is analyzed the advertisements and let’s see how it works.

The backbone of an Advertisement

The one and only motive of an ideal advertisement is to sell the product with a sustainable growth without infringing the reputation of the product. Now the cultural effect of a good ad is created artificially just to mix the philosophy behind the ad with the culture and making it a feature of that very culture. For example, let’s take one of the most famous pieces of ad ever created. The Coca-Cola Hilltop ad. This 70’s ad is considered as the best advertisement of all time and its jingle “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” is arguably the most popular jingle of all time. maxresdefaultThe secret behind this ad’s success is deeper than we see with clear eyes. Long time after the war when the baby booming generation is all grown up and achieved one of the most lucrative scientific achievements of all time- putting a man of the moon, we’ve clearly understood that world is now at our front door and after discovering such diversity of experience, we felt totally rootless for the first time. that’s why songs like Sun King and Octopus’s Garden coincide with each other in a single album(Abby Road) wherein the first one Beatles celebrated the arrival of the new age whereas at the second one they sung about living in a safe place without challenges and worries. This is a great confusion that generated the tendency of escapism in the mind of hippies. Coca-Cola cleverly used that confusion as a tool and comically enough, advised a sugar water as the initiator of bonding between different cultural part of the world. They compared the whole world as a household coke is the cement of it. This genius idea not only united the world and created a single market for the product, it has introduced our great dilemma to us in a glamorous presentation on the tv screen and confidently provided an answer.

Effect of Propaganda

We can see from the works of ‘the father of modern age propaganda’, Edward  Bernays, that he only created certain markets that had no existence before. Just like he overthrew democratically elected president of Guatemala, made women smoking a matter of women empowerment etc.static1.squarespace But he had never wanted to knock on the door of our deep existential crisis like modern propaganda does. The continuous discussions on diversity have dissociated us from the search of our true identity and classified us ruthlessly into certain race or gender or religion. The bold words of bringing ‘yourself’ has unleashed the great confusions in us and dragged us far away from the reality of the society. Instead of replacing it with a better one, the current generation is eager to pull the root away of a republic and establish a utopia. This new trend is been heavily backed by the advertisers as they made the rebel culture a mainstream thing and somehow it’s highly appreciated to every layer of the society. This tendency to classify things have inhibited the urge of gathering a deep knowledge. That is why the majority of youth like us are being glad to become a rebel without knowing the significance of it.

Manipulating the mass is gifted quality and it should be appreciated at any time. But manipulation should not be dragged to such extreme that the mass eventually transformed into a nieve living being devoid of any set of senses that makes. That would be a real reckless thing to do as it will bring a question to the very existence of the arrangement of the consumer and the provider. We know that the provider of something is also a consumer of some other thing. So, a simple crack in the system is enough to crack the whole moral backbone of society. Thus though we have a great power of fueling peoples mind with the dilemma to sell some ideology, we should do with a great control over ourselves because as we know,

With great power, comes great responsibility


Being the Nothing: Life in a Labyrinth

Our species lives in a stage of consciousness where we can question our very existence but unable to derive any answers from it. So, the foundation of our established upon a riddle that has no certainty to be solved. That’s why we like to seek for a teacher who can face our questions and serve us a ready-made answer to it for all of us and make us believe that the uncertainty of our lives is no longer there to stay.


We, as a creative being, used to imagines things and situations that haven’t been encountered by any of us and mold the situations in our own familiar way. So, the lessons we have in pursuing is converted to stories for the sake of familiarity so that it can be grasped easily in order to implement it in the life.Then the stories got polymerized to appear as the religion. So, religion is nothing but stories and practices that act as a philosophical adhesive to a wide spectrum of people with different socio-economic hierarchies of a particular society.

Absence of Code

Religion is arguably the biggest influencer of a society and the rise and fall of certain civilization are directly associated with the approach to the religion by the people of that very civilization. Today’s western civilization is nothing but a projection of Abrahamic religious belief system of Gulf and Europian states.

The problem with the belief system is the word ‘belief’ in it. As the value of belief on something is a temporary and highly unstable matter, just like the Fiat currency system, it has to fall. So, when the trust on certain religion gets abolished, the core moral values of humanity gets attacked and the state becomes nothing but a pandemonium.


Birth of the New Age Crisis

It is known that whenever the trust or faith in the code of life gets abolished, people tend to simulate consumerism as their guide and distinguisher between to do and not to do. People transform into the sheep luring the goods they don’t need anyway by forgetting the true purpose of life they were told previously.

But, as the foundation of this version of religion has shallow and weak pillars, the society creates a large counter-culture which though easily can establish the concept of atheism with logic and disqualify the idea of consequences from the equation, by this, they brought back the titanic riddle of existence that supposedly answered by religion.


Now, not only we don’t have any explanations of the paradoxes of life, we are now thrown into consequences free world just like the previous versions of ourselves before the establishment of the concept of belief system.

Dealing with Negativity

This lack of consequences have trembled the mind of artists and questions the motif of everything and forces them to abandon the known and symmetrical concept of the surroundings seen by the common people. Some of them established their feeling of nothingness with their wild and lavish lifestyle and questionable celebrity-like behaviors. Though the work of Camus, Picasso, Dali express a deep crisis of the soul, their lifestyles oppose the idea of it from the plain sight.Untitled-1

Some of them nourished the thoughts of anti-establishment through their work and unleash the animal inside them in their work and lifestyle. Philosophers like Sarte, painter Vincent van Gogh, the majority of the counterculture musicians of 60’s and 70’s shows the same attitude with their life.nhsn

Among the polar nature of the behaviors, we can see a special type of people who can control their feelings and show us the world through the eyes of the observers, with the proper mixture of fear, affection, anger. Director Stanley Kubrick, Graffiti artist Banksy are two of my favorites among them.bsgd

From my point of view, in the face of a deep crisis like this, just like the third kind of people, we should not try to solve the riddle with ou works. Because there is a possibility that, just like our ancestors, we should interpret the riddle in the wrong way and mutually conclude another wrong answer to it. All I think we can do is just to think every aspect of life critically and try not to obtain any conclusion from it. As we know the journey to the destination is way valuable than the destination itself! We just have to be awake.


To be blind is not miserable not to be able to bear blindness that is miserable

-John Milton



Riders on the Storm: Duality of an Artist

Our civilization has established on the pillars of ethics and morals. This web of reasoning governs the harmony of our life. But as a side effect of this, we have generated multiple moral paradoxes which act as the seed of the philosophy behind the hypocrisy of our mind. The mind of an artist is always mesmerized by the gruesome battle of inner thoughts and it is manifested in their works of art. The song Riders on the Storm by Jim Morrison of the band Doors draws that exact battle in the core of the listener.314554-music-rock_and_roll-The_Doors-Jim_Morrison-monochrome-748x542

Under the Skin

This exact song is the very last song recorded by Jim. After that, he retired and went to France where a few weeks later, he died. So, this song is maybe his last message to the mass have potential to unfold an unknown corner of the artist.

In this song, he warned us about a killer who is in disguise of a hitchhiker, who can kill one’s “sweet family” with ease.

Here, the killer is in all of us and we are just some steps away to unleash it. That killer single-handedly can destabilize our equilibrium of life and turn ourselves against our own safe future.  As Jim was one of the biggest contributors to the counterculture movement of late 60’s and 70’s, we can’t count him in a believer of the theory that good and evil is a perspective bound matter. fight-club.25541Just like many of us, he drew a distinct line between good and evil and his maximum songs conveys this exact philosophy. He willfully rejected the idea that you can live a good life while having both of your shades of your personality in it. Just like the movie Fight Club where the protagonist has created two separate contrasting characters out of himself and performed the duties of both of them. Or we can see How Hannibal Lecter, the infamous protagonist of the Hannibal series(Book, tv series, movie) leads a great noble life of a reputed psychiatrist despite being a serial killer and a cannibal.

Though the examples are pretty extreme of its kind, with the inner fight of the protagonist, we can see the fear of the author from the killer.

We are habituated to live a life which is safe and sound and simple like the others’ from our bubble. But there’s a great chance that the killer can pop that bubble of ours and drag us into the cold world of uncertainty featuring the dark thought of nihilism and ugly truth. This the paradox, artists live in where they have the chance to go with the flow and enjoy the sweet ride of life or else they have to taste the bitter part of it.

Significance of Restlessness

We are just a tiny part of the massive universal harmony. Despite that, we can enjoy the great beauty of it with the tools of science and philosophy. These have taught us that just like other ingredients of the universe, we are thirsty to find stability in every part of our life. This phenomenon has put us in a position where we are now afraid to perform mear amount of restlessness in our life as we are afraid that we may lose the grip of it. You can read the importance of restlessness in my other article about the life of the mythological hero Odysseus and his journey to quench his wanderlusthere ). So, though finding stability in our life could be the ultimate goal of our life, our process of approaching it is not the right one. In the line below, we can see here the killer’s mind is restless and he is waiting on the road of our journey of life to infest his mentality to us in order to abolish our philosophical stability.

There’s a killer on the road
His brain is squirmin’ like a toad
Take a long holiday
Let your children play
If ya give this man a ride
Sweet memory will die
Killer on the road, yeah

Now the paradox is, should we give the stranger a ride?girl-in-front-of-mirror-1932 Here we can see the famous painting Girl Before a Mirror by Pablo Picasso, where he painted a girl looking a distorted and demonizing version of herself formed by the mirror.That shows us the same dilemma of an artist fighting his inner selves.

Silver Lining in Nihilism

In the song, the very idea of nihilism is demonized and the proposal of spending the life of faith was manifested. As nihilistic mentality contradicts with our belief system, it breaks our barriers of thoughts and connect us to a greater consciousness. But sometimes it brings waves of existential crisis that questions the very purpose of human life. That is why, in the line below, writer indirectly questions the very reasons for his existence.

Into this house we’re born
Into this world we’re thrown
Like a dog without a bone
An actor out alone
Riders on the storm



The painting above is the creation of the famous artist Edvard Munch, The Scream. That marvelous creation shows the deep effect of the existential crisis in one’s head. This fear of being an insignificant member in the cosmos makes an artist more and more sunk into the deep of the paradox and they are forced to take the particular path to embrace their creativity. This gave no exceptions in the case of Jim Morrison as he followed a distinct path rejecting the darker side of him.

In the ancient Chinese religion, Taoism, there’s a symbol called Yin and Yang which contain dark spot on a white side and white spot on the dark side arranged such way that it makes a perfect circle.1200px-Yin_yang.svg This shows that the equilibrium of life is consists of darkness present in the white positivity and hope present in the dark pessimism.

This shows that we can’t live life without the presence of duality in us. the whole concept of paradox is the fuel that runs the beauty of life and connects us to the greater symphony of the cosmos.

So, to live like a human being, we shouldn’t take any initiative to cleanse our every bit of differentiating thoughts as the presence of mistakes act as a nourisher of our creativity and make us more human.

Sound of Silence: Darkness of Urban Cluture

We live in a world where we are the advanced most species in it. This, we like to shape the world with respect to our own philosophy. As our mind is always prone towards simplicity, we like to make the world surrounding us more and more simplistic for our brain. Sometimes it helps us to perceive complex matters simply and find the answer to it with our logic and sometimes it just creates a Frankenstein of dilution that led our life towards assured destruction. In the song Sound of Silence, by Simon and Garfunkel, we see the warning note of the future of sheeps.simon-and-garfunkel_s-a-song-759

Layers of Consumers

Our species have generated a complex system of trading as with our intelligence of labor, we achieved the mighty ability of mass production. The moment we are habituated to produce materials more than we need, a great system of questionable consumerism has risen which’s relevancy is a matter of debate. This web of buying and selling generated multiple layers of consumers that act as a distinct ecosystem for itself. We created several socio-economic levels where we use to spend our life interacting with people of level majorly same as us and low-key having an urge to perform an upgradation toward our next higher level in order to get affiliation from the class we aspire to be. This creates an invisible rat race that we use to participate throughout our life. This continuous quest for the upgrade is brilliantly shown in multiple episodes of the famous Netflix series Black Mirror(especially season 3 episode 1, Nosedive). unknown

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more
People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence

The lines above show the exact condition of our society. The society which feels reluctant to think of its own and comfortable if the entire philosophy of life is fed to it along with its daily dose of entertainment.

Shielding effect of the culture

On the topic above we see how the consumerism generates multiple layers of consumer cultures and feed on us by luring the upward path of it. Now we will discuss our stability on those levels. person-with-blinkers1

We are nothing but a tiny part of the almighty harmony of life and without any exception from the other living and non-living matters, we like to find symmetry in every step of our life. We are eager to find a comfort zone and try our best to stick to it. That is why we can see the uninterrupted flow of people having the same kind of thought and same kind of life. Despite having unique qualities we are habituated to live our life by being a member of a certain group and having a certain type of so-called socially acceptable persona. Both the producer of our needs and the state support these type of philosophy of ours as it made us easy to classify. For the state, man divided into a handful of groups is easy to rule and for the producer, it’s easy to find their target customer so they can sell their goods with ease. This shielding property of our consumer classes acts as blinker in our life.

Omnipotence of Greed

In the song, we used to see the hellish environment of the urban culture there people are ruled by desire. Without thinking twice, we use to show unputdownable greed to something that we don’t even know if we really need it or not. The border between necessity and luxury tends to be erased and we are being a simple minded slave of our own desire just like the line of the song Hotel California  by eagles:

…We are all just prisoners here of our own device…

We are making some allegedly useless thing our singular goal of life and investing our last bit of labor to fulfill the dream. Finding our inner peace should be our motto of life but we are showing a great example of contradiction like the painting Woman Holding a Balance by Vermeerwoman_holding_a_balance. Here we can see a painting of a wealthy woman carefully measuring the weight of her jewels and the lighting highlights that the painting of Jesus in the background has remained to dark. This shows the exact life of hypocrisy we are living in. In the song, the composer Simon portrayed our greed as a God made from neon light and says our mindless personalities find their solace in the company of ignorance.

And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made…

Life in Hypocrisy

Despite we feel comfortable that a large number of great thinkers are emerging from all around the world and thinking about the remedy of the hellish cycle of the system we are living in, the questionable shadow of hypocrisy isn’t a matter to be solved yet. Though common man is rising from the mud we live in, the majority of us are still nothing but hypocrites who, knowing the condition of our society can’t gather any courage to break the habits. That’s why in the song we witness the line

But my words, like silent raindrops fell
And echoed in the wells of silence…


Above painting by Pablo Picasso beautifully portrays the theme of the line. Here we see a dead old man sitting in a posture of playing guitar.This is a painting from Picasso’s blue period so the essence of depression of the old man’s face and body posture coveys the main context of the creation.Though the performance of the old man has no effect on the audience(us) as he is not a functional performer, the effect of the performer and his contribution to the performance painted an everlasting effect in the heart of the audience.

This gives us an assurance that the realization of the flaws in our nature is a step towards positivity and if we nourish that thoughts of the betterment of the system, we shall be able to split the silence of unproductivity and lead a better future for our future generation to come.

How to Embrace Discomfort: Message of Odysseus

The human being has established itself as the advanced most species on the planet and we have successfully initiated the broadening of our horizon in order to study the tranquility of the great cosmos. We have started to see a great pattern in the physical and psychological systems and realized the invisible net of familiarity that pulls us towards our safe space and feeds us the thoughts of finding comforts in the process of mingling to the long-used concept of the system without altering it.farmhouse-paintingsBut This practice will eventually lead us to the fate of the sheep without the power of thinking. So in order to sustain the beauty of the life given to us, we have to embrace the idea of discomfort.

For this, we have to put light on a fictional hero of one of the most noted epic of all time. We have to study the life of Odysseus, the protagonist of the epic ‘Odyssey‘ by Homer.TheResilienceofOdysseus_635284138827749465_640

Odysseus was one of the major characters in the epic ‘Iliad‘. After the war of Troy, his adventures are documented in the epic ‘Odyssey’. the multiple layers in his character and the complex philosophy of his works and fate give us a deep message to consume.

Effect of Calypso

After the war, Odysseus was stuck on an island Ogygia with no one but Calypso, the daughter of the Titan Atlas. She gave Odysseus eternal youth and forcefully made him a prisoner of her so that she can get Odysseus’s company. Odysseus wanted to reunite with his beloved wife Penelope and son Telemachus but he was captivated to the island for seven long years. The meaning of Calypso in Greek is  “concealing the knowledge“. This meaning is justifiable as we can see Calypso is nothing but a deceiver who wanted to shield Odysseus from achieving the true meaning of life, by shoving up the mirage of comfort in his mind. 482px-Hitchcock,_George_-_Calypso_-_Google_Art_Project

Here Calypso plays the role of Mainstream society who wants to pull the leg of people like Odysseus and drag them down to the gutter of sheeps. Odysseus freed from her with the help of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Just like we need the power of wisdom to achieve our freedom.

Importance of Deviation

The lust for perfection ultimately leads the cruelest destruction in the society. We have to embrace our imperfections and try to be brave enough to face the consequences of it. As that is the only way to gather the real gem of learnings in our life. Just like Odysseus did in multiple cases. After he cleverly blinded the man-eating giant Cyclope by hiding his true identity, ironically, blinded by is pride he unveiled his own identity on his way back by saying ‘Odysseus is great!‘. this behavior made Poseidon, the god of the sea and the father of Cyclope angry and he threw a mountain to Odysseus’s ship and wreaking it apart. Oe the second example, we see his uncontrolled curiosity that overshadowed his true intentions. img24640093While passing through the home of the monster Siren, who used to kill her prey by luring them with her sweet voice, Odysseus told his crew to seal their ear with wax and tie him tightly to a pole so he can listen to the song without going to her. This shows us the level of risk he was ready to take just to quench his simple curiosity. This gives us a message that life is sort and it’s unethical for us to die with regret, so we have to gather all the experiences good or bad.

Sacrifice of Odysseus

As said above with examples, the imperfections of life bring a collection of sacrifices that we have to perform with grim heart.

When Odysseus returned to his home after ten years of the War of Troy and another ten years in the sea, he disguised himself as a beggar and only his son Telemachos knew his true identity. Despite all these years, his beloved companion dog, Argos identified him and unable to control his thrill of reunion with his master, he died in the arm of Odysseus.


The dog, Argos represent the warmth of the loved once Odysseus have missed in all these years and his death portrays the sad truth that to gain the wisdom by knowing the unknown and seeing the unseen, a person has to sacrifice a part of him and that will never be replaced again. But Odysseus found his comfort in the midst of his discomforts. He achieved the ‘wanderlust‘.

Death of Odysseus

It’s unfair if the person, who pledged his entire life to the thurst of adventure, should die in a bed of comfort. Some people say his death was natural and due to old age. But it’s said that in the lost poem, ‘Telegony‘, the son of Odysseus, Telegonus, unknown of his father’s identity started a deadly fight with him over the ownership of some cattle. His mother Circe gave him a spear coated with sting ray’s poison. there was a prophecy on Odysseus that he will die with the touch of the sea. He was killed by his own son with that spear. We can see a pure resemblance here in both of the version. For the most famous voyager and war hero of Mythology, death in the field of battle is the ‘natural death‘! He died by the touch of the sea. The sea that has given him the wisdom. The sea that has given him the good and bad memories. The sea that has taught him to find comfort in discomfort.


So, with the life and death of the great hero, we see the importance of feeling the energy within us, which can give us the courage to sail against the tide and challenge the worn out belief system. The more we break the habit of finding comfort and settling for a stability, more our place will get permanent on the island of Ogygia along with Calypso. So, it’s good to sail on the way of Odysseus. It’s good to sail YOUR way.



Factory of Feelings: Essence of ‘Hotel California’

We are just a combination of definite chemical compounds living in the ever-expanding universe and when we realise that the main concept of consciousness that we are so proud of, maybe irreverent in the comparison with some other yet undiscovered species. But this intense existential crisis can become a great hindrance in our way of self-realization. Thus, Music was created in order to hitch up  us to the great symphony of the cosmos.Taste of music can manifest the psychological situation of the listener. The same way, unscientific and repetitive music can hurt the stability of human mind more gruesomely than anything.

The bad taste in music can make our judgmental capacity less and less logical and can convert us into a sheep of the providers . That is an easier way to get profitable for a them. It’s unfortunate that the modern entertainment industry is nothing but the horrific representation of this idea, where the place of true talents are rare to see and mass-produced content rules our capacity to intake artistic creations.

But, if you look hard enough, you can find trace amount of truly talented artists that warns us about the avaricious practices with their creations. This article is about a piece of art manifesting the same idea. It’s about the song ‘Hotel California‘ by the band Eagles.


Hotel California‘, released in the December of 1976, won the Grammy award for the best album that year. The song named same as the title is one of the most iconic soft rock songs of all time and stays as a prominent milestone in the evolution of music.

Here the singer sings a story of losing his true self in a poetic manner. The song portrays the sheer effect of greed in the business of art and how it uses its charm and enslave our mind in order to convert us into a pure consumer of plastic feelings.

Mirage of Ethics

in the song, we see the narrator is on a highway having a comfortable ride when he found a Building, in front of which a woman is standing holding a lamp. That hotel in the desert here signifies the great dreamland of luxury, the birthplace of modern fantasy, California, the center of the mainstream culture of the world. Here narrator identifies himself as an artist wanting to make a fortune like everyone else in the Dreamy-world of art. But, the confusion rises there when he can’t decide the nature of the place.

…There she stood in the doorway;
I heard the mission bell
And I was thinking to myself,
“This could be Heaven or this could be Hell”

It clearly shows our modern dilemma of finding something that is worth a try or can be avoidable.The glamour of the life we all desired pulls us to to the situations sometimes where we don’t want to participate .This is same for the artist who wants to establish his identity in the map of international creativie credibility. Just like the lust of shiny things works for animals like cats, they use to run blindly towards the goal of being more and more prosperous. So, in order to establish a true factory of mechanical feelings providers have to generate a mirage of ethics so that, consumers as well as creators get stuck in the labyrinth of logic and slowly becomes inactive towards critical thinking.

Absence of Counter Culture

In the history of artistic creation, there’s always a parallel growth between culture and counterculture. The mainstream of art is produced for the demand of the majority. It sometimes deviated from its creative pathway in order to impress the mass and become profitable in a continuous manner. Despite that, it shows us a detailed picture of the history of humanity and the intellectual evolution. painting-anniversary

On the other hand, counter-culture acts as an alternative form of the artistic impression for the people who refuses the mainstream art and show interest in out of the box experiments with the art which can be too risky to handle for the mass producers.

Throughout the majority of the history, the equilibrium between both sides of art provided a stable environment of philosophical nourishment.

On the historical year 1969 when Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin took the small step on the floor of the Moon that turned out to be one of the largest step for the whole mankind, the glory of the counterculture was at it’s fullest. The ongoing peace rally demanding the return of the soldiers from the Vietnam War was one of the main contributors to the outburst of the counterculture movement.

During the historic Woodstock music festival between 15-18 August, the glorious fate of the counterculture movement was written. After that, the rate of inclusion of the counterculture and mainstream music began to grow day by day. Professionals are started to capitalize the whole concept of alternative arts and tried to enforce their strategical monopoly to the consumers. Modern art, mainly music is now the ugly representation of this. Eagles understood the cruelty of the system and felt the quicksand of the new trend as early as 1976. This we get to see in the line :

  So I called up the Captain,
“Please bring me my wine”
He said, “We haven’t had that spirit here since nineteen sixty nine”

Absence of Individuality

farmhouse-paintings      In today’s busy life, where our brain has uncountable tasks to perform, we keenly seek the slightest bit of symmetry to calm our mind. So, during our leisure time, we don’t get the urge to identify and analyze a whole new and different kind of track. So the provider started to deliver us same type of tune with the familiar type of lyrics in order to make our sense of judgment as weak as possible so that it will be easy to consume. While songs from previous decades used to have one or two ‘Hooks‘, today, because of the ever lowering of the human attention span, producers began to add multiple hooks in order to get more and more attention than their competitors. This monstrous practice demolished the entire concept of musical richness and individuality.

Factory of Talent

It’s a lot of work to find a talented person who can sing and it’s equally hard to groom and endorse the talent. But the risk of the public rejection was a continuous fear to the corporates. So, in solution of that, they just cut the chance of  rejection as they use to endorse a familiar face (majorly from some TV show), at a very young age ( longer the time of activity longer the profit) and they just repeatedly endorse their works till a point that the continuous repetition makes our brain to be habituated with their works and by simple conformational bias, we are forced to consume their works instead of organically growing likes to certain works. Swiftly the whole system of entertainment industry plucked out the chance of their loss and literally brainwash us by giving us a medicare taste of entertainment as a whole. Despite this morass of the establishment, some of the true artists always try their best to contribute pure arts as entertainment to the mass.


 And in the master’s chambers,
They gathered for the feast
They stab it with their steely knives,
But they just can’t kill the beast

In this line, we can clearly see how the artist is showing us the presence of the parasitic institution called the ‘industry of entertainment’ is sucking the glory out of the art and the artist is doing his best to prevent that but it’s not enough to destabilize the establishment.

Liberation from the Factory

Apart from this song, there are multiple landmark compositions present which manifest the same idea of breaking the shackles of this robotic manufactory called art. Songs like ‘Saul to Squeeze’ by Red Hot Chilly Paper, ‘Sound of Silence’ by Simon and Garfunkel are also a piece of art conveying this message. But our song ends with a cloud of confusion as our protagonist was noted that he is unable to leave the life he had chosen, the life of a performer.

“Relax, ” said the night man,
“We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave! “

So, at this phase, the artist used to accept their fate and try to live life as a performer performing unwillingly in front of a brainwashed audience.

The menacing labyrinth of the establishment reminds us one of the important parts of the Holy Bible, where Jesus of Nazareth after returning to his home, saw a Synagogue, in front of it there was a full busy market.Jordaens_Christ_driving_the_Merchants_from_the_temple

Angrily, he took a whip and started beating the merchants with it and overthrew the moneybags and tables of money lenders. He started shouting,

“My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.”  (Matthew 21:12-13) 

This shows us a great way out of this ever extending crisis. As every form of art is one way or another is the lust of knowing the ultimate form of creation’ which is none other than the pathway of finding the creator of the whole Cosmos.

So, at first to be a genuine artist we have to separate our creativity from our greed as both will not be able to act simultaneously. That’s the only way to find the answer to the life. That’s the way to find the door of the Hotel California.




How not to be like Picasso: Simplicity of Guernica

Our species Have documented the history of our emotion directly or indirectly for the future to see. We learn from those, we love to be mesmerized by the creative form of the projection of emotion. Sometimes, the source of creativity, the artist is so influential with his/her creation that it forges an entire generation of citizens to think in a whole new way of thinking.

Spanish painter Pablo Picasso was one of the most influential of the creator who helped us to observe the vastness of human mind with his unique and creative way. I personally find his works a great example of mind transformation. But this article is a weakness of his. His existential crisis. And to enlighten his view we have to go to the painting where he is sharing his mentality directly to the viewers. We have to see his most rebellious creation. Guernica.C8eN43bWsAAN-rj

Guernica was a flourishing town in the northern Spain, near Bilbao before it faced a new form of modern warfare when the troops of General Franco bombed it at the April of 1937. It was the first case in a modern war where the toxic war used its fangs on the innocent civilian. This monstrosity astonished the Spanish born painter he took about two and a half months to complete his arguably most prominent work-‘Guernica’. Though disaster at this scale can move anyone and Picasso is not an exception, we have to learn something from the painting in order to face our fear.

Faces of Guernica:

We can see in every painting of Picasso, he used the face as a mask hiding complex emotions of a human being. He used different colors to represent a different part of the human mind. he used cubism to represent his ideas. After 1907, the end of the rose period, he started to create paintings and sculptures of a human with acrobatic movements and distorted faces to highlight the contradicting nature of our mentality in a creative manner.fv But we can see, in the painting, Guernica, though the faces are distorted, they are unable to show the multiplicity of emotions. Here the painter only wanted to show us the horror of war in the face of the character in the painting. But from my point of view, I think war is not that simple thing that only one expression, however horrifying it is, can depict properly. We have to accept the terror of death with its utmost complexity.




Fear: The Synchronizer

We always know, whenever humanity faces a disaster, they naturally united in order to face the challenges together and fear act as a synchronizer of the mass. Picasso also believed that simple logic. And I also support this statement. That’s why leaders prefer fear before love to have a grip on the citizen.But the problem is, on the site of destruction, there isn’t only cry of hopelessness present there. We can also see the presence of emotions like regret, confusion, rage etc. War is a far more complex act than a bunch of bad guys killing a bunch of good guys. As the country is in the state of war, we have to assume every face has polarised as much as it can and reached its breaking point. As the painter was a prominent supporter of the Spanish republicans, it’s hard to get an unbiased view of war from him after his opponent has shown a monstrous effort to claim it’s dominance.

Instability of Hope

Though the painter wanted to show us the sheer view of terror and wanted to show us the result of unputdownable greed of power, he also wanted to show us the sign of hope with that face of the lady holding a lamp coming from the window like structure, the flower that has grown on the hand of a dead Republican soldier and a dove flying near the bomb, which Picasso depicted as a bulb ( bulb in Spanish is called bombilla). But look at the face of the woman, a worried face confused about the remedy of the disaster. It has to be noticed that the remedy of a war is an ideal one-Peace. Which has to be dedicated to its agenda, or else if the peace and harmony can be the gullible one, how can we trust the stability of it? Someone will say three faces of harmony is just the representation of the wishes of the painter, but at the moment of war, when we are all confused about our own existence, and doing our best to match our beliefs with one side and rooting for it to win, we don’t need a common man, having same confusion like we do, gain the opportunity to hold the candle of peace. The result is as expected. The cruelty of the bomb is able to overshadow the mighty light of peace. The flower looks completely unstable and the dove is tending to fade forever.fgdf

Colourless  Emotions: Contrast of Feelings

Picasso finished the painting at its entirety in only two and a half months after the tragic incident in Guernica. As it’s a quite a large painting (3.49 m x 7.77 m), he was very fast with his work and his views regarding the concept of the masterpiece was really a stable one. He used only two colors to depict the main theme of the incident showing the polarizing power of the war where everything is either black or white. But the idea was really questionable as the cause of war depends on the multiplicity of events and the wrath of the most vicious crime of humanity can generate an outcome which contains a gradient of emotion. Someone gains power, someone loses everything, someone is just confused and now have a shuffled belief system. So, use of color could make it an unbiased depiction of the history of emotion while facing disaster.

How not to face war like Picasso

Picasso was an extremely talented painter with a unique view of the mankind and it’s suffering. His works show us a gradual progression of a creative mind in order to find divinity with the help of an eye of an observer. His self-portraits are a good example of this. It showed us his quest to find the person Picasso wanted to be. picasso-self-portraits-over-the-years

Though he faced a deep melancholy to find his inner self during the blue period, he faced a great existential crisis after the war and by facing two consecutive war in his lifetime, his quest of truth took a similar but different path. His works began to show fewer colors and he started to question his role as an artist in this destructive world which is ready to wipe out the innocence of creativity at any time. We can see he started to remake other artist’s paintings like Women of Algiers by Eugène Delacroix, Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez etc. He also made a lot of version of the same painting which shows the confusion of perspective of him just like Claude Monet. Especially he emphasizes a lot in Las Meninas, where Velázquez showed the inner fight between the institution and the53103295artistic talent.He made 36 different version of the same painting.

this shows us a great lesson to cope up with our greatest fears. We just don’t have to be like Picasso. We just have to accept every downs of life as it is and try to feel the inner harmony which can show us our ultimate goal, the awakening of the human mind. We have to be sure that there will be obstacles in our path of excellence but we have to overcome it and perform our best to connect ourself with the main source of creativity, the cosmos. As legendary Poet and Philosopher Rabindranath Tagore said,

“Grim is there, there is death, estrangement roars on me,

Yet exists peace, yet gaity rise, yet the infinite calls….”










How to live the life you deserve: The Nietzsche way

Great philosopher of ancient Greece, Heraclitus compared life with a complex maze. With each turn, life unfolds itself. Though a person thinks he/she is in the midst of the mystery of life, it’s possible that he/she is only scratching the surface of the maze.

On the work of the legendary Philosopher Fredrick Nietzsche, he proposed a holistic scenario with a modern approach and shown a scientific representation of the process of becoming the person we who we deserve to be. He provides us way to become our true self.


Step 1: No good no evil

Nietzsche questioned the core value of morality and projected the flaws of Abrahamic religions. Religion contributed the holistic idea of good and evil. Religion told us, there is always a battle going on in our soul between good spirit and evil one and we should choose the pat of goodness and abandon the evil force. But why should God add a evil force in the first place then? With this logic Nietzsche questioned the identity of aristocratic religion. He said, we don’t have to abandon the evil in us.We can live in a equilibrium with it.

Step 2: Individuality before morality

He questioned the core of morality and ethics. Ethics directed a person to sacrifice something for the greater good. the state and religion justify this with the fact that, it is responsible for the greater good of the mass. Reputed philosophers like Plato,Emanuel Kant, David Hume supported this  ideology and this gave state the role of ethical controller. Nietzsche disproves this paradoxical idea.


he sounded similar like Machiavelli. He told, to be a better person we just have to think logically. If our logic clashes with ethics, we have to give logic priority.

Step 3: Self Identification

this was a whole new idea provided by Nietzsche as it contributed o the modern way of soul searching a lot. he told us in order to find calmness in your soul and establish yourself as a greater version of yourself, you don’t have to rely on any kind of scripture or have to dedicate our life to certain belief system. We just have to try to be the person who we really are. As famous philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre said that we are not who we are, but we are what we not.7b9bc9bd7787039dd7bb93afb7e0d24f--existentialism-quotes-sartre-quotes

It may sound kinda silly, but the depth of the statement help every human being to touch the core of self identification. Many of the philosophers think the vast depth of human mind is unbearable for human to understand and the darkness of human emotion can be traumatizing for anyone. But to become our true self we have to dive to the dark water of mind. Nietzsche was one of the first men who dived there and it’ll be good for us if you try our best to know ourselves as closely as possible.

Step 4: Feel the harmony

The advancement of science have shown us we are nothing but a point in comparison to the vast ever expanding universe. This scale of irrelevancy gave birth to the existentialism. But Nietzsche fought with this crippling depression and show us the shiny side of the coin.without-music-life-would-be-a-mistake-nietszche-quote-1381921439-view-0He directed us to the great symphony of creation and destruction which is happening from the birth of the time and we are nothing but a skilled dancer in the cosmic ballroom! He was always a admired of music and thought it’s as a purest form of art and it has the ability to touch the soul of listener. So, in order to get to know ourselves, we have harmonize our mind with the symphony of our soul.

Step 5: Be a bridge for the Übermensch

Nietzsche claimed that the evolution of human kind hasn’t stopped yet. Because we are not fully aware of our capability till this time. He said that evolution will go on in it’s normal pace and it’ll give us the ultimate form of human. The Übermensch or the superman. The most advanced form of humanity without any chaos of confusion. For this we can do nothing but become a bridge which will welcome the new man to it’s spiritual success.

light-power_preview_2f88 (1)

So, in conclusion, to live like a real functional human being on the face of this great cosmos, we just have to sharpen our thinking and maintain the equilibrium of our soul so that it uses every step with logic not moral values. by this we can become the person we deserve to be. we can be our true self.